If You Can't Find Waldo You Get Tazed

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that's it, that's the whole video
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/michaelreeves
thanks for getting tazed in my video:
and helping me film: @brodinplett
Instagram: michaelreeves808
Runtime: 07:44


Henrice - Time siden
watching michael is a cycle of forgetting he exists, to being super hyped about a new upload
Ollie Barton-Hills
Ollie Barton-Hills - Time siden
Electric piggy in the middle with tasers
Machni Kong
Machni Kong - 2 timer siden
Taser door prank
Vinjim mastery
Vinjim mastery - 2 timer siden
Micheal hear me out.
A bow and taser.
So basically a bow and the arrow teaser the person on contact. You will basically be the first villian with arrows
I can't find a good yt name
I can't find a good yt name - 2 timer siden
How about making a Creeper animatronic which is controlled with a remote and when someone is playing Minecraft, you play the hiss sound and zap them
Wyatt Estes
Wyatt Estes - 2 timer siden
Is that a wireless arduino? What is the program board that your using? Raspberry pi? Python? I NEED TO KNOW.
tornadotroll256 - 2 timer siden
Where is the music that Michale uses when time is running out
chur - 3 timer siden
I'm super impressed that the first old white guy you found to represent Pavlov was serial killer Harold Shipman. Well done mate. Well. Fucking. Done.
Ilnam Cho
Ilnam Cho - 4 timer siden
Michael reeves the person whos an absolute genius but has 1 braincell that's made of crack
Seishi Chan
Seishi Chan - 4 timer siden
Make a robot that chucks pizza rolls at someone if they curse (or you know tase them)
Ruben Rosales
Ruben Rosales - 5 timer siden
Michael can you build a arc reacter
Achu pikkachu
Achu pikkachu - 5 timer siden
michael should make a moaning button to troll offlinetv members he should sneak into their room and hide in there closet until their streaming if he didnt wait for their stream they could be getting dressed and he get kicked out of offlinetv for being a pervert.
Homero Yeets
Homero Yeets - 5 timer siden
Michael you should make a robot that dectects if a link is a rickroll
a 8205
a 8205 - 5 timer siden
Be careful with all that tazing, man, it can damage your heart.
Claude Speed
Claude Speed - 5 timer siden
2:58 when it is school
Jägers Acog
Jägers Acog - 6 timer siden
He used rewiside and papaplatte as example :D
StrawBerryRed [GD]
StrawBerryRed [GD] - 6 timer siden
a bed that tazes you if you dont wake up on time
Drex - 6 timer siden
You should invite lily more on your vids
Landon Swindle
Landon Swindle - 6 timer siden
i have to take a shit
Landon Swindle
Landon Swindle - 6 timer siden
im back
MsPotatobag - 7 timer siden
is there alex ernst inspiration here
M36noscope Matthew
M36noscope Matthew - 7 timer siden
Micheal make a robot that wakes you up when you find a match in a game
Trey Holmes
Trey Holmes - 7 timer siden
Trey Holmes
Trey Holmes - 7 timer siden
funny fish man
Lolllek Gl_ck
Lolllek Gl_ck - 7 timer siden
Since there's a clip of a german streamer in this video, it's my duty as a german to invade this comment section like we did in 1939.
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Kommentarbereich! einfach kopieren damit wir dieses Nest so schnell wie möglich einnehmen
Lolllek Gl_ck
Lolllek Gl_ck - 7 timer siden
3:09 fcking rewi und kevin omegalul
Izzy Rose Vlogs
Izzy Rose Vlogs - 7 timer siden
make socks that tazer you with every step you take
Not Kosmo
Not Kosmo - 8 timer siden
Next video: "I pranked everyone with a real bomb"
Devin Booker
Devin Booker - 8 timer siden
a full size remote control car with an ejector driver seat
FsTLiVe - 8 timer siden
endless bangers from this man
Violenta Guerrero
Violenta Guerrero - 8 timer siden
Make a suit of armor that you can wear
Jean Chen
Jean Chen - 9 timer siden
Michael is gonna kill everyone in that house
shark boy 101
shark boy 101 - 9 timer siden
You should remake the roomba that screams when it numbs into things but instead it plays a raid shadow legends ad
culture - 9 timer siden
He looks like a new age Harry Potter
I want the world to burn.
I want the world to burn. - 10 timer siden
Michael, you have more time, how do you manage to make the exact same quality of content, but less consistently.
Link334 - 10 timer siden
Make a robot that goes around tazing people's ankles
God Yeeter
God Yeeter - 10 timer siden
Make a robot that helps you clean the house
Gamez - 10 timer siden
Make a robot that tazers every comment and then microwaves it, make it cause you love tazering things
Gamez - 10 timer siden
Have fun making the robot
Gamez - 10 timer siden
I'm very lonely 😞
Gamez - 10 timer siden
Especially our shitty robot ideas, save me writing these comments please Michael.
Gamez - 10 timer siden
And I purposely misspelled tasers
George Bates
George Bates - 10 timer siden
plz make a tazer grenade, it would be so cool
a person
a person - 10 timer siden
A fire hydrant that sprays lighter fluid on fire, and fire retardant on water.
barry boucher
barry boucher - 11 timer siden
who can assure me that a programme that decide what I would purshase can"t be himself corrupted by someone else money ? Maybe he would "recommand" me things that are not the cheapest, I mean that what I would do, I would take a less expensive price, but not the cheapest, and I would share difference between me and the seller .
Tiny Turtle Army!
Tiny Turtle Army! - 11 timer siden
He should make a piano that plays the same not for every key.
Mielaan - 11 timer siden
Lol one of the cold countrys but rn its like wayyyyyy to hot id Just rather get tasted 24/7 then being alive
Amer Walied
Amer Walied - 11 timer siden
Here's a good idea: make a button which you can press whenever you want to swear that makes a beeping sound so you can hide it
Always_Night - 11 timer siden
Not to be the person to give you an idea but you should make a car that you can drive with a keyboard/ controller
Kobraz Gaming
Kobraz Gaming - 11 timer siden
At 5:04 theres two waldos, one where michale saw it and one near the center of the picture slightly above the bottom wall
Laura D
Laura D - 11 timer siden
You should build a wheel chair that tases people who try help pushing you
Johnny C
Johnny C - 12 timer siden
if I remember correctly it was bf skinner who’s operant conditioning theory is the one you’re going for ie positve and negative reinforcements
Burrito Man
Burrito Man - 13 timer siden
make a robot that shoots a penis at someone when they dont subscribe to you
Jason Nessl
Jason Nessl - 14 timer siden
Make a robot that finds Waldo even faster
SpoutGames - 14 timer siden
When you call a city a hole country..
FADAZ jango
FADAZ jango - 14 timer siden
you should make a robot zoomer dog curse people out and say weird shit to people, kinda like the roomba but its a dog so its better. im sorry.. xD
Nota Ha
Nota Ha - 14 timer siden
Bro, his editing has gotten so good. This guy needs a show.
CJ Emerald
CJ Emerald - 15 timer siden
Make a robot that that deletes robot ideas
Venoman62 - 16 timer siden
You should hook up some cheap used cars to wireless controllers and play bumper cars with them.
Finnian Kramer
Finnian Kramer - 16 timer siden
Please, I beg of you, modify a computer keyboard to taze your fingers when you hit a certain key. Incase they catch on to which key tazes you, make it alternate the tazer key every 10-15 seconds
Aidan Tellefsen
Aidan Tellefsen - 16 timer siden
the ai aren't taking over the nation, after all.... we all know humans make the ai. and all ai can fucking become sentient so i can bully them into suicide... actually... can ai even commit suicide?
Person Person
Person Person - 16 timer siden
Build a robot that can pass a captcha to a website that stores all your bad robot ideas, if the robot doesn’t pass the captcha, the user gets stink bombed or tased
c0le - 16 timer siden
3 months for a 7 minute video. hella worth it
Star Lord
Star Lord - 16 timer siden
What in the f*cling world is he making at 1:47
TWA Wrestling
TWA Wrestling - 16 timer siden
Make an air horn that goes off whenever you try to talk
Entaa - 17 timer siden
Me when I forget the homework at School: 3:25